Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gas certificate and why do I need one?

Gasfitting certificates (Gasfitting Certificate of Compliance and/or Gas Safety Certificate) are a legal document required under the Gas Regulations 2010. A gasfitting certificate is the gasfitter’s verification that the gasfitting work is lawful and compliant. A certifying gasfitter must provide… read more

How does the changeover of gas bottles work?

With an automatic changeover regulator when one bottle runs out it changes over to the next. The light on the regulator will be green when both bottles are full, when one runs out the light will change to red to indicate… read more

Can we connect to Natural Gas?

To find out if gas is available on your street you will need to check with Vector. This can be done by visiting their Gas Estimator website and entering your street address. If Natural Gas is not available in your… read more

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer a 2 year workmanship warranty in our L A Hughes Guarantee- read more about this here. As we are members of the Master Plumbers association you are also covered by the Master Plumbers Guarantee.