Continuous Hot Water Systems

Continuous hot water system - Continuous Hot WaterMore and more people are discovering the magic of a gas instantaneous or continuous hot water system.

An instantaneous hot water system heats water only at the time it is being used.  It works by turning on a switch when you turn on a tap or your shower.  That switch enables gas to heat water as it passes through the instantaneous system.   (Continuous hot water systems do come in electricity-run systems also).

The result is hot water whenever you need it, but you only pay for the heating of the water you use.

Continuous Hot Water System Installation

The team at L A Hughes specialise in the installation of continuous hot water systems – both gas and electric.  Never be without hot water again.

We also install Digital Controllers for your hot water.  A Digital Controller is like a thermostat for your hot water.  It’s quick and simple; just turn a dial and your hot water system will deliver water at the precise temperature you want it.

There are a range of size options to suit every situation and application.

Continuous Hot Water System Repair and Maintenance

Nobody enjoys a cold shower!  If you find yourself having issues with your gas (or electric) continuous hot water system, give L A Hughes Plumbing and Gas a call and we’ll send one of our trained and experienced gasfitters around to your place.

We service the whole of greater Auckland and will repair your existing gas water heater or, if it’s beyond repair, install a brand new continuous hot water system.

Rinnai Gas Continuous Hot Water Systems

We believe in installing only the best quality products.  For that reason, we supply and install Rinnai hot water heating systems.

We also install and repair all other brands of hot water heater.