Gas Hot Water in your Bathroom

Looking to save money and discover the convenience of instant hot water?  It’s time you allowed L A Hughes Plumbing & Gas Ltd to convert you to gas!

What are the advantages of a Gas Hot Water System?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What are the advantages of having our bathroom water heated by gas?”

Advantages include:

  • Endless hot water available
  • Pay only to heat the water you use
  • Lower initial product and installation costs
  • Easy installation (by a gasfitter plumber)
  • Unit can be located indoors or outdoors
  • Low monthly running costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint – it’s good for the environment

Rinnai Gas Hot Water Heating Systems

We are installers of Rinnai gas hot water heating systems.  We can also supply the system or you can purchase it yourself and we’ll do the install only.

Both continuous and storage systems can be installed.  A continuous system means you can have endless hot water on demand; a storage system will keep hot water in the tank like a conventional hot water cylinder.

Click here to find out more about having a continuous supply of hot water at your home or business.