Gas in your Kitchen

The use of gas appliances in your kitchen makes sense.  Gas is clean, efficient and cost-effective.

The team at L A Hughes are able to install and commission any gas appliances in the kitchen of your home or business. This includes:

  • Gas ovens and gas stoves
  • Gas hobs or cooktops
  • Gas BBQs
  • Gas hot water systems

Cooking with Gas

It is generally accepted that the most efficient and cost-effective way to cook is on gas.  Cooking with gas gives instant heat, immaculate temperature control and excellent efficiency.

L A Hughes can give advice on your commercial or domestic cooking needs; and when you’ve made up your mind about your gas cooking appliances, our certified gas fitters can install and upgrade your gas appliances, or help you make the switch to gas.

Gas Hot Water

For greater reliability, efficiency and cost savings you can’t beat gas!  The same endless hot water supply that you can enjoy in your bathroom is also available for your kitchen with a continuous flow gas water heating system.

Gas hot water systems are economical, delivering constant hot water on demand. Because the heaters only heat the water on its way to the tap, you’re only heating the water you actually use.

Find out more about a continuous hot water supply

Gas Appliance Repairs and Maintenance

The gas appliances in your home and business should be regularly serviced by a qualified gasfitter.  This means you can feel safe in the knowledge that you gas appliances are safe and running at their optimum performance.

Call the L A Hughes team for all your gas appliance repairs and on-going maintenance.