Gas Installation and Repair

L A Hughes Plumbing and Gas Ltd are Master Plumbers and Gasfitters.  We provide a fast, reliable and efficient service for all gas plumbing and gas fitting; that includes installation, repair and maintenance of gas lines and gas appliances.

For any gas fitting work throughout greater Auckland , you can trust the expert gas plumbers that make up the L A Hughes team.  Our fully qualified, gasfitters will be able to do anything you need with gas appliances and gas piping.

Gas Installation in your Home or Business

Gas is clean, gives a powerful heat and, best of all, is cost effective.  It makes sense to have gas installed in your home or business.

If you’ve got a gas pipeline in your street, we can connect it to your home so that you can literally cook with gas.  And, if your street doesn’t have gas yet, we can install a gas system using rechargeable gas bottles.  If you don’t have mains gas in your neighbourhood, there are a number of options available. There are a number of suppliers of bottled gas that will conveniently provide full bottles when you are running low.

If you’re thinking of converting to gas, make sure you give us a call.

Conversion Your Home or Business to Gas

More and more New Zealanders are discovering the benefits of converting from electricity to gas.  Gas is an incredibly efficient way of heating your water and your home, and is fast and efficient to cook with.

Using gas to heat your water means you only need to use the energy it takes to heat the amount of water you are actually using.

It makes sense to convert to gas.

Click here to find out more about continuous hot water in your kitchen and bathroom.

Gas Repairs in your Home or Business

Smell gas and don’t know where it’s coming from?  It’s the worst feeling – and it’s dangerous. Gas leaks are not something to be taken lightly.

If you smell gas in your home or business or suspect a gas leak, contact L A Hughes Plumbing and Gas Ltd immediately.  We’ll despatch one our trained gasfitters around to your home or business to check all your gas appliances and gas pipes for a gas leak.

Once located, we’ll repair that gas leak in no time.  So, don’t take chances, if you have a gas leak, give us a call.

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