Facilities Management and Plumbing Maintenance Programmes

Let LA Hughes create a scheduled plumbing management programme for your business or rental properties.

We offer a comprehensive approach to programmed plumbing maintenance to minimise the chances of your business or property being faced with an unexpected plumbing emergency. A regular (usually quarterly) preventative maintenance programme means you will avoid costly breakdowns and repairs.

A plumbing maintenance programme can include all aspects of your facility’s plumbing but will usually include:

  • Roof and gutter inspections to prevent and repair leaks
  • Back-flow prevention device checks and compliance certification
  • Gas and gas appliance safety and efficiency test
  • Filter cleaning and testing on water mains
  • Re-calibration of tempering valves on hot water services, for safety and energy efficiency
  • Storm water inspections and drain cleaning
  • Urinal cartridge check and replacement
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The Benefits of a Scheduled Plumbing Maintenance Programme

The cost savings of a LA Hughes preventative plumbing maintenance programme will significantly outweigh the cost incurred when equipment fails.

The benefits of scheduling preventative plumbing maintenance appointments include:

  • Unexpected costs of roof repair or replacement is avoided or can be budgeted for
  • Annual compliance needs, e.g. backflow valves, can be taken care of at the same time.
  • You can be certain of employee/tenant safety, e.g. with gas appliances etc.
  • Fewer unexpected breakdowns means less interruptions to your business or home plumbing
  • Leaks and blockages are discovered before they require major repairs and cause greater damage
  • Water consumption is reduced by identifying leaking faucets and toilets
  • Having a preferred plumber servicing your site regularly means we become familiar with your business, making troubleshooting much easier and less expensive if problems do occur.
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Plumbing Maintenance Programmes for Commercial Businesses

A plumbing emergency in your business can be expensive – not only because of the cost of repair, but because of the time lost while the plumbing repair is completed.

We offer a full plumbing management programme for all businesses including factories, schools, and cafés and restaurants. From gas services for cafés and commercial kitchens, to backflow valve testing and compliance, to roof and guttering cleaning and repair, a scheduled preventative maintenance programme will ensure you know about most plumbing issues ahead of time. We also provide a urinal maintenance programme including urinal cartridge replacement.

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Plumbing Maintenance Programmes for Residential Buildings

Landlords and property managers need to ensure their rental properties are safe for tenants, and that they are aware of any plumbing maintenance issues before they become major expenses.

We provide competitively priced plumbing maintenance programmes for domestic buildings. This includes roof and spouting cleaning and repair, gas servicing and repair, and hot water cylinder checks. We make it even easier for you by liaising with your tenant to arrange the best time to call.

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