Water Mains Installation and Repair

water main repairs installation 470x298 - Water Main Repairs and InstallationsL A Hughes Plumbing and Gas Ltd work throughout greater Auckland. Whether you want to install a new water main to your property, or need the existing water main repaired, we are able to do the job.

We can:

  • Install a new water main to your property
  • Arrange for a suspected leak in your water mains to be located and confirmed
  • Repair leaky water mains

For any issues you have with the water mains at your home or business, give us a call.

Water Main Installation

Installing a water main need not be a huge expense or a huge disruption to your home or business.

If you need a new water main installed, give us a call. We’ll come out and provide a FREE quote.

water main burst - Water Main Repairs and InstallationsWater Main Repair

A burst in your water mains supply between the street and your meter is the responsibility of the water supply company; but the pipe between the meter and your house is your responsibility.

Usually the first thing you’ll know of a leak in your mains pipe is a soggy patch of lawn or an abnormally high water bill.  That’s when you need to call L A Hughes.  We’ll come straight around and confirm if there is a leak.  Then we’ll arrange for the leak to be located and repair it.

The cost of the repair will often be less than the cost of the water you’ve been wasting!

How to Tell if you have a Leak in your Water Mains

Turn off all taps and appliances inside and outside your home.  Locate your water meter and look to see if the counter or any of the dials are moving.

If they are, it shows that, although you have no taps on, there is still water flow through your meter.  The pipe between the water meter and you home must be leaking and you need to call L A Hughes.