Backflow Prevention Valves and Devices

Double Check Valves 65 250mm 470x325 - Backflow PreventionBackflow prevention devices prevent the contamination of water supply by pollutants flowing into the water supply from commercial and residential properties.

LA Hughes provides backflow prevention valve installation and testing throughout the greater Auckland area.  We can also visit your property to test for problems relating to backflow and recommend and install a suitable backflow protection device for your situation.

Backflow Prevention Valve Installation

The team at LA Hughes are qualified in the proper installation of backflow prevention devices.

We recommend and install:

  • Aqualine Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ valves),
  • Aqualine Double Check Valves,
  • Watts Backflow Prevention Products,
  • Hydraflow Backflow Preventers, and
  • Apollo Valves.

Backflow Prevention Valve & Device Maintenance and Repair

The unexpected failure of a backflow prevention device can have terrible consequences on the mains water supply, and can result in prosecution from the local council – backflow prevention valve testing is essential.

The LA Hughes team provides regular testing of your backflow prevention device ensuring it is operating at peak efficiency.

Contact us to install or service your commercial or residential backflow prevention device

Learn More About Backflow

What is Backflow?

Water is delivered into all properties (commercial and residential) under mains pressure.  If that mains pressure fails, liquid from a contaminated source can be drawn back into the water supply.  This could create a serious risk to public health.

The mains pressure could fail for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Fire services using the main,
  • Broken or damaged water main,
  • Heavy water usage downstream in the main causing supply pressure reduction upstream.

Water Backflow and your Council

The Auckland City Council’s backflow prevention regulations are quite specific; “Every [property] owner must prevent backflow either by providing an adequate air gap or by using a backflow prevention device.”

If backflow occurs from a residential or commercial premise, resulting in contamination of the town water supply, prosecution and a fine may follow.

Because backflow can cause serious health problems, backflow prevention devices must be tested yearly by a qualified plumber.  The home or business owner is responsible for engaging a plumber to perform maintenance and testing of the backflow prevention devices installed on their property(s).

How to Fix Water Backflow Issues

To prevent backflow in a water supply system where this may be an issue, a backflow prevention device should be installed.

Each backflow device should be tested annually to ensure it is working correctly.

LA Hughes is fully qualified to legally carry out all of your backflow requirements from the installation to testing, maintenance and certification.